You Could Save 30%-40% on Your Eugene Kitchen Remodel by Refacing Your Current Cabinets

Transform Your Kitchen in 2-4 Days (not months)
Up to 50% Cheaper than Full Remodel
Less Demolition & Mess
Give Your Solid Cabinets a New Life

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Save $1,000โ€™s on your new kitchen project

One of the largest and most important factors of cabinet refacing that folks love is the amount of money you can save on a traditional kitchen or bathroom remodel. By keeping your present frames and construction, which is generally better built than material that is new, you can reduce your out-of-pocket costs significantly. Determined by which options you decide, that could reduce the overall price of your kitchen remodel by up to 30% – 40%, which could literally be a large number of dollars.

Save Hours and Get a New Kitchen Faster

When you get entirely components and new cabinets, you are adding weeks if not months onto the total time it takes to remodel your kitchen. From picking out your favorites, to the order and shipping procedure, to the delivery and installation, this could make the difference between a job which gets done immediately, and one that just drags on and on.

Reduce / Reuse / Recycle

Why totally squander good stuff that have been standing the test of time for a long time? Odds are, the older stuff that are presently in your kitchen are of higher quality than a number of the newer and more affordable options at Home Depot. By reusing these elements that are structurally excellent, but only want a bit of a facelift, you are doing amazing things for your house, your checkbook as well as your environment.

What is cabinet refacing?

Cabinet refacing is the procedure for taking existing cabinetry frameworks, components and constructions, and refinishing the exterior look with a fresh wood finish, paint, handles and hardware, so everything appears brand new. It’s an excellent way to get the new kitchen appearance without the new kitchen price tag. While it can be done yourself, we highly recommend leaving it to a professional who does it day-in and day out, and can save you a whole lot of cash.

How Much exactly does it cost specifically?

Cupboard refinishing costs a fraction of the price of purchasing new parts and frameworks. Normally, you can expect to pay around 60% – 70% less than the expense of purchasing new components, which can reduce the total cost of your kitchen or bathroom remodel by 30% – 40%, depending on which options you choose. This may mean saving $1,000’s in the long run. The actual expense of your project will be contingent on depth and the size of your project, however you can estimate the cost at anywhere from $1,000 – $2,500 complete.

Can cabinets in mobile homes be refinished?

Absolutely! Trailer cabinets are frequently the same ones as found in permanent houses, so the same procedures still apply. If you had like a quote on having the kitchen redone in your Eugene please give us a call now.

Can I reface my cabinets twice?

Yes you can refinish your cabinets many times, after doing it a few times but like many things over time, the stuff may get a little tired. So two times can be easily done, but the wood, metal or other materials in your cabinet parts might have to be occasionally replaced as your attempt it more and more. Give our experts a call with your precise scenario so we are able to determine the most effective plan of action for you.

Should I take on a refinishing project DIY (do-it-yourself)?

Like most things in life, you can potentially do the refinishing project yourself, but it's best left up to professionals. Sure you might try and figure out everything yourself right there, and eventually get it to cease, in the event you had a plumbing leak at the center of the night. But would not it be faster, easier and cheaper in the long run to just call a professional to get it done? Our pros do this day-in and day-out, and can have your project done fast, instead of having it drawn out for weeks and months if you have to figure out everything new.

Who does cabinet refacing?

Fortunate for you, we do! We're proud to provide our refinishing services to all of Eugene and other cities throughout Oregon. Desire an exact quotation from one of our local installers? Only give us a call today!

Are you located right in the Eugene area?

Yes! We've installers located right in Eugene, that are able to service the surrounding regions around Oregon as well. We are proud to call Eugene work place and our home, and will go the additional mile to make our neighbors happy!

Can I reface formica cabinets?

Yes! We can handle all the new facing substance for formica cabinets and components.

Can you come out to my Eugene house?

Certainly we can! Our highly trained and skilled Eugene technicians function out of completely outfitted vehicles, so everything can be done at your house or office. This implies you do not have to carry all of the equipment, pick up anything else, or supplies. We'll come out to you personally!

Can I reface laminate cabinets?

Absolutely! Laminate cabinets are a few of the ones that are more simple and we can make them look entirely new and refreshing again.

Our Eugene team can help transform your old kitchen into a distinctive masterpiece that can substantially increase the value of your home.

We can help you brighten your space that is aging and reface your kitchen cabinets to improve your living space and enable you to feel like the kitchen reveals the nature you want it to, which means you don’t have to settle for less in your Eugene residence.

Stop procrastinating in regards to fitting your reality to your expectations.

You deserve to make your kitchen more appealing. You spend a lot of time there and you may find every excuse to stay out of there if it by chance doesn’t fit your style. When you establish a set budget, then make sure you have a vision that is clear.

  • Do some assignments.
  • Consider shades.
  • Consider sorts of wood.

Take a look at the decor of your kitchen and compare what would work with you with the style that you just are refacing.

If you have structurally sound cupboard boxes Refacing is possible in your home and they are in good shape. If you’ve have a kitchen that endures from water damage and finally waited too long, you might discover that refacing is not the proper option for you.

We’ll properly quantify all your cupboards and ascertain the proper levels of materials and hardware, by having us reface your cabinets. We’ll prepare the surfaces and exteriors after we have gotten all the materials that match the approved design plans.

In a couple of days, you’ll have a kitchen that matches your reality to your expectations — we guarantee it!

Avoid the myth that customizing automatically means spending that is important.

Among the things which prevents them is the notion that it is going to cost too much, for many people wondering the best way to remodel. Refacing your kitchen doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. Remodeling your house is beneficial.

According to NAR’s 2015 Remodeling Impact Report, which reveals the motives homeowners remodel in the first place, 64% of homeowners experience an increased enjoyment in their own house after completing a remodeling project. Nearly 40% of survey participants stated they desired to upgrade worn-out materials, finishes and surfaces.

That says something about what motivates us to decide it’s time for a change.

A professional cupboard refacing can cost you between $1,000 and $3,000 for laminate, a bit more for actual wood veneers, and over $7,000 with high-quality wood veneers. If you should compare the cost to replacing all of the cabinets, the cheapest price up upwards of $20,000. end will be close to $4,000 and can

Making yourself happy does not have to be pricey considering that refacing is an amazing way to enhance the look and feel of your kitchen.

Our Eugene staff is always ready to assist you because we wish to help you stay away from the pitfalls and keep up on the remodeling industry, so we take our time with you during the setup and order process in order that you fully consider all your options.

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